The Minnesota ACADEME Fall, 2001

The Minnesota A C A D E M E

Fall, 2001


The Minnesota Conference of the AAUP


In this issue:

Report on the Annual Meeting P. 1

Directory of Current State Executive Committee Members P. 2

December 8th Annual Meeting–National AAUP President to Speak P. 3

Election Results to the State Executive Committee P. 4


Report on the Annual Meeting

By Michael Mikolajczak, University of St. Thomas

The eighty-seventh annual meeting of the association was held June 7-10, 2001 at the Omni Shoreham Hotel in Washington D.C. The theme of the meeting was "Students and Faculty At the Heart of Higher Education."

Concurrent Panel Sessions that explored this theme included, "Organizing/Mentoring Graduate Students" (what are the implications of unionization for mentoring?); "Student Ratings of Faculty" (what are the valid uses of these?); "Education Beyond the Syllabus: Advising and Counseling Undergraduates" (what is the role of faculty in extra-curricular activities; what is the role of counselors who sometimes know students better than faculty?); "The Student Athlete: From Oxbridge to Oxymoron" (as pressures to reduce standards extend beyond division I schools, what can faculty do to maintain integrity?); "Student Roles in Academic Decision-Making" (how major a voice should students have in areas of faculty prerogative and expertise?).

Friday’s keynote luncheon address by Virginia Valian of Hunter College was on the importance of preparing students for the influence of gender on their professional and personal lives, and Saturday’s was by Douglas Ford, Executive Director of Phi Beta Kappa, on the honor society as an organization for both students and faculty.

As stimulating and valuable as all of these were (I obviously wasn’t able to attend all, but I heard conversations about most of them and was able to talk to some of the panelists during free periods), two struck me as having special importance, perhaps because of the concern or intense feeling they generated. At the plenary meeting on Saturday, Jane Buck, the President of the AAUP, spoke on "Full-Time Students, Part-Time Faculty," and she reported that reliance on contingent faculty across the nation has risen from 43% in 1998 to 48% in 2001. Even more staggering is the percentage of courses taught by contingent faculty: well over 50%, and many of these are lower-division courses.

The concurrent session "Diversity and Affirmative Action" grappled with the difficult issues and intense feelings on the topic. The question of what constitutes diversity was asked in several different ways and with different emphases. Does it, for example, include the presence of "the ultra right wing in our classrooms?" There was much sharing of anecdotes, but Roxane Gudeman also presented a follow up to the ACE/AAUP study "Does Diversity Make a Difference," containing some interesting statistics.

The plenary also passed five resolutions.

Finally, the annual dues for 2002 were raised to 4.3%. Full-time dues for Minnesota will be $140.00.

Directory of Current State Executive Committee Members

President: Marsha Blumenthal, University of St. Thomas

Vice President: Michael Livingston, St. John’s University

Past President: Anne Pick, University of MN-TC

Treasurer: Dave Emory, St. Olaf College

Secretary: Karen Vogel, Hamline University

Director: Laurel Carrington, St. Olaf College

Director: Stephen Gudeman, University of MN, Twin Cities

Director: Cecilia Konchar Farr, College of St. Catherine

Director: Michael Mikolajczak, University of Thomas

Annual Meeting to be held December 8th, at U of Minnesota.

Jane Buck, National AAUP President will Speak.

The annual meeting of the Minnesota State Conference will be held at the University of Minnesota. All AAUP members are invited. The conference is free to members. The lunch costs $10 and requires advanced registration. The keynote address this year will be given by Jane Buck, President of the AAUP. Her address is entitled "The Use and Abuse of Contingent Faculty."


The conference will be held in Humphrey Institute on the West Bank of the University of Minnesota campus.


9:30-10:00 AM Registration

10:00-11:30 AM Panel Discussion on Contingent Faculty

Kent Bales, University of Minnesota

Catherine Sikorski, University of St. Thomas

Gary Prevost, St. John’s University

Noon to 1:30 PM Lunch, Presentation of Awards, and Keynote address by Jane Buck

"The Use and Abuse of Contingent Faculty"

2:00-3:00 PM Conversation with Jane Buck, "What can the national AAUP do for




Parking is available for $4.25 per day on Saturday’s in the University of Minnesota 19th Street Ramp located on the West Bank of the University of Minnesota.


The annual meeting is free but the lunch does cost $10.00 (checks may be made out to Minnesota AAUP). You may register by e-mail (be sure to include your college address and phone) or phone with Dave Emory, state conference treasurer. Dave’s e-mail is His office phone is 507-646-3139. We ask that you register in advance so that we know how many lunches to order.

For Further Information: Contact Marsha Blumenthal at or Michael Livingston at


Please post the enclosed flyer in your department or give it to a colleague. Thanks!



Results of the Elections to the State Executive Committee

Elections to the state executive committee of the Minnesota Conference were held last spring for the office of President, Vice President, Secretary, and two directorships. Marsha Blumenthal of the University of St. Thomas was elected President. Marsha is a longtime AAUP activist and had served as Vice President. Michael Livingston of St. John’s University and the College of St. Benedict was elected Vice President. He was a former director of the conference and is currently the newsletter editor. Karen Vogel of Hamline University was elected secretary. Karen has just completed a term as a state conference director and is a leader of the Hamline chapter. Cecilia Konchar Farr of the College of St. Catherine was re-elected as a conference director. She is a longtime AAUP activist. Steve Gudeman of the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, was elected as a conference director. Steve is a longtime AAUP activist and a leader of the University of Minnesota chapter. These officers will be serving a two-year term on the state executive committee. Anne Pick of the University of Minnesota will now serve as Past President, replacing Craig Swan, also of the University of Minnesota, who will now be leaving the board after many years of service to the state AAUP.

Continuing on the state executive committee are Dave Emory of St. Olaf College as Treasurer, Laurel Carrington of St. Olaf College as a conference director, and Michael Mikolajczak of the University of St. Thomas as a conference director. These officers have completed a year of their two-year terms.












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